NEW: Mini-Workshops

Do you love the October Permian Basin Writers Workshop, but wish we had more writing classes in Midland?

Instead of pining, member Brenda Ratliff created the world she wanted to see, and we’ll all benefit! We polled local authors, and have set up three one-day workshops on topics you said you needed most.

We wanted more than a lecture-more a true workshop, where you’ll get information, but also a chance to work on and get feedback on your project.

Here are the details:

The workshops will be held at Midland College, F. Marie Hall (same building where the October workshop is held), Room 107. Workshops begin at 9 am, and will end around 5 pm. Lunch will be provided. Admission is limited to the first 40 registrants, and the price is $25.

February 16 Workshop:

Plot Mastery Class with Shirley Jump

Join New York Times bestselling author Shirley Jump for a day-long plotting workshop. This isn’t your average workshop with a few handouts and a lecture, this is an interactive event where Shirley will teach attendees how to plot a compelling, page-turning, and unique novel in the first half, then go over specific plot problems with selected students’ work in the second half. Learn how to create an engaging book and turn a book that is dragging into one that readers can’t put down!

April 27th Workshop:

Character Arcs and Architecture with Tex Thompson

A protagonist should be likeable, they say – but what if you want to explore the darker side of human nature? And allegedly they should grow and undergo a significant change in the course of the story – but how does that apply when you’re writing a twenty-book series? And what if the story you’re telling really does need half a dozen point-of-view characters?

If you’ve been struggling to find the balance, have no fear. In this hands-on, high-energy interactive workshop, we’ll drill down past the standard do’s and don’ts of characterization. Come explore the logic underlying common rules of characterization, discover how and when to bend those rules, and map out a plan that satisfies your vision and your readers. Bring your fictional friends and all your burning questions!

August 24th Workshop:

Worldbuilding Wizardry with Pat Hauldren

In the first half, we will explore worldbuilding elements, how these elements work, and what methods we can use in worldbuilding.

In the second half, we’ll expand our worldbuilding skills to including genre elements in your own works in progress, showing how we can apply them, and how they enhance our stories to create a blockbuster novel the reader simply cannot put down.

These workshops brought to you thanks to a generous donation from: